PMI Rochester Frequently Asked Questions

June 5, 2105


Q. I am a member but have not setup my login with PMI Rochester. Can I setup my login through the PMI Rochester website?

A. Yes. Select “Member Login” from the top right of the website. Next click on “Forgot Username/Password”. Then enter your email address. This email address must be the same as the one you registered with, Then click “Submit”. Next, check your mail box for email from PMI Rochester and follow the directions to setup your password.


Q. Can I use the same credentials (Username and Password) from to log in to

A. Yes, you can if you setup your Username using your registered email address with or your PMI member ID. Otherwise, you would need to use your PMI Member ID or your registered email as the Username on with the same password if needed.


Q. I have successfully gone to the PMI Rochester site and setup my direct login/password.  Afterwards, I went to My Account and noticed that some of my info needs to be updated, but I don’t seem to have the ability to update it.  I see the Save button at the bottom of each section, but I don’t see an Edit button.  When I attempt to edit any of the info (e.g. my phone number), the system immediately sends me back to the login page. How do I edit the info within My Account?

A. If you need to update your profile, you would need to log in to and do the update from there. You can only view your profile from PMI Rochester.


Q. Using the email from the webadmin and logged in but when I select “certification” or “myPMI” it looks like I’m not signed in.

A. When you logged in to the PMI Rochester website, you will have access to the PMI Rochester site only. Therefore, when you select "Certification" or myPMI, it would take you to You do need to log in to with the credentials you registered to pmi.orgin order to navigate the Certification or myPMI.  


Q. I wanted to register for the Chapter meeting but when I logged in the site, it doesn’t look specific to me for meeting registration and I can see the “logged in” option at the top right of the screen.

A. For chapter meeting registration, you would need to select "Events" tab, and click on to a specific chapter meeting. From there, you would select "Register" and you should be able to register for the meeting.


Q. I used to receive emails from PMI Rochester but have not received them lately. I am interested in learning what are being offered regarding Chapter meetings, webinars, or training classes. How do I get the emails again?

A. If you are a member, you should automatically receive communication emails from PMI Rochester. If for some reason, you do not see them; check your Junk folder. If they are not in the Spam / Junk folder, contact the Website Administrator for support. If you are not a member, but interested in receiving Communication email, send your request to the VP of Marketing & Communications.