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    The Stoic Project Manager: Bringing Philosophy to Project Management

    October 25, 2017
    12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
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    Project management is not an exact science as much as we want it to be. People are dynamic. They change hour to hour while projects last months or years. As a leader, project managers have to deal with these dynamic individuals on a daily basis. There is not a science that has come up with an equation to solve the mental mysteries of team members. 

    Enter Stoicism, continually challenging ideas new and old. Dealing with the questions of Who? What? Where? When? and most importantly Why? Assuming project managers have the technical and educational backgrounds to know the frameworks of project management. This presentation will take those frameworks and incorporate philosophy to better deal with conflicts and continue performing at a high level. Instead of seeing team members as X's and O's on a whiteboard trying to accomplish a goal, they will be seen as dynamic characters whose roles change and giving the project manager the mental tools to stay sharp in such an environment.

    Learning Objectives:

    • Use Stoicism as a guide to decision-making mindset
    • Control what you can and prepare for what you cannot
    • Actions speak louder than words. Embody what you teach.


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