Chapter News

    letter from the president

    On behalf of the PMI Rochester board, I’d like to wish all our members a Happy New Year! I hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday season, and are entering 2018 with re-charged batteries ready to focus on your professional development. The PMI Rochester volunteer team has been busy planning our 2018 activities, and we hope you’ll be pleased with our expanded offerings!

    At year-end, we finalized our 2018 operating budget to reflect our plans for this year. We’ve seen tremendous chapter growth in the last year, increasing from a little under 700 to almost 800 members. This growth has allowed us the ability to increase the variety of our programs and to invest more in the continued health of the chapter. Some areas you’ll see in this year’s budget is that we’ve planned to use our growing chapter revenue to invest in more member give-back programs and offering. This includes an increased diversity in speakers, not only at chapter meetings but with full-day seminars from nationally recognized project management leaders at a very low cost to members.  In addition to our programs, we will be bringing more certification opportunities, increased networking events, communities of practice, and a new initiative call ROC THE Project which engages our local universities, corporations, and our members.

    Our intent through all our programs is to increase the visibility of our project management profession within the local community, to achieve our vision: “Organizations in Greater Rochester will embrace, value, and utilize project management and attribute their success to it”. We are your advocates to ensure that organizations realize the value our members bring, and to continue to create new opportunities and invest in your career paths. 

    I look forward to seeing you at events throughout the year!


    Michelle Venezia, PMI Rochester Chapter President


    Outreach News

    For the ROC THE Project Pilot: It's happening!  Student teams are signing up now!  We have an awesome group of executive judges (link to bio pamphlet?), PMO panelists (phase deliverable judges), student team mentors and HR reps.  The pilot targets 8 student teams this year with 3-4 schools participating. including RIT, SJF, or U of R.  There may also be a team from RWC. We can always use more volunteers as we prepare for opening this up to the 22 area schools in the future. 

    We still have volunteer opportunities for the pilot intercollegiate competition Feb 5 to May 5th:

    • Student Team Mentors - be a backup or primary mentor.  work with a PMI PMP or ACP partner and share the workload!  We are looking for 1-2 PMPs per team and could be set up to be done remotely.   Please sign up before January 25 so we can match you with a team! Contact for more information.
    • PMO panelists - you can join an event in preparation for volunteering next year. You need to be a certified PMP or ACP.  This is an opportunity to use the 6th edition PMBOK and provide real-world feedback! Contact for more information.
    • HR Representatives - We are looking for HR reps to attend the reverse career fair on May 5 for internships or jobs for students. You can provide HR contact information for your company. Contact  for more information.


    Membership News

    Celebrate New Members 

    PMI Rochester would like to welcome new members of 2018! Congratulations to Mike Griffin and Timothy Rountree on starting the new year off right by joining PMI.

    The chapter would like to recognize the following new members that joined in December 2017. Congratulations to Jonathan Ellis, Vanessa Flahn, Charlene Herring, Jeanne Higgins, Timothy Keller, Prem Kumar, Scott Sadik, Umphavanh Thatvihane, Stephanie Borg, Sean Buckley, Michelle Kelly, Wendy LeFebvre, Thomas Mims and Sean Trimby.

    The chapter would also like to recognize the following members celebrating an anniversary! We hope you had a fantastic year and continue to engage with PMI Rochester in years to come.

    Members Celebrating Their 1 Year Anniversary This Year

    Aaron Cignarale Adam Loss Alexander Eschbach
    Alexander Pogal Allen Bulkley Allison Hendershot
    Amanda Schartau Amber Lingenfelter Amy Catalano
    Andrew Fassl Andrew Soroka Andrey Belyablya
    Andy Middleton Angela Howard Anthony Perez
    Ashley Freeman-Comeau Barbara Suda Bharat Bhushan
    Bradford Laundry Brian Gibson Brian VanRensselaer
    Brian Webster Bruce Leidal Candice Beck
    Cara Rothfuss Carl Rosati Caroline Wheadon
    Carolyn West Chad Wright Chantelle Sacco
    Charlene Herring  Charles Hacker   Chris Crockett
    Chris Howe Christine Leclerc Christopher Joy
    Christopher King Christopher Stack Christopher Stine
    Christopher Weber Christopher Wong Christopher Woodworth
    Cody Leo Cynthia Harris Cynthia Willis
    Daniel Clarcq Daniela Mancuso Danielle Taurmina
    Darlene Hackworth David Albert David Fitzpatrick
    David Hyman David Werner David Wetzel
    Debora Cragg Deborah Patrie Dennis Porter
    Donald Bench Donald Collins Donald Dea
    Dwight Ivey Ehsan Mojtahedi Elizabeth Roth
    Ellen Loughrin Eloy Meria Emilio Moran
    Emily Ann Fogarty Eoin Maguire Eric Farnung
    Erica Rossi Euan Morton F Stephen Gilbert
    Fahrettin Bay Frank Gallese Fred Peckham
    Gardner Comstock Gary Day Gary Heerkens
    Gary Wiest Geoffrey Semmens Gianrocco Sanfilippo
    Gregory Overstrom Heather VerSchneider Helen Blondin
    Henry Adams Herbert Marshall Ike Mallula
    Irene Garrick Irene Smith Jackie Amigone
    Jaime Soley Hames Hawkins James Zwiefel
    Janine DeBolt Jason Cronin Jason Smith
    Jean Sheehan Jeanne Ferrara Jeanne Higgins
    Jeff Ellis Jeffrey Domey Jeffrey Miller
    Jeffrey Piersall Jeffrey Smith Jeremy Ortoloff
    Joan Garcia Joan Kircher Joanne Macek
    Joel Johnson John Blum John Enright
    John Herbert John Messer John Toto
    Jonathan Ellis Jonathan Geldard Johathan McCann
    Jose D'Jesus Joseph Russo Joseph Sadowski
    Juddy Gomez-Gutierrez Julia Nelson Justin Gillian
    Kal Baumwart Karen Fellows Karen Remerscheid
    Karen Walrath Keith Millspaw Kelly Flaherty
    Kendra Denson Kevin MacDougall Keven OHara
    Kristofer Shields Krysta Cunningham Kurt Hoffman
    Lance DeFay Lauren Free Leonie Fernandes
    Lindsay Agness Lindsey Burchell Lisa Currier
    M Christy Madeline Galvin Marcelle Van Patten
    Marcy Bruner Marie Timpani Marino Cutarella
    Mark Larsen Mark Lawless Markus Kunz
    Matthew Curry Matthew Vaughn Melissa Huber
    Michael Dorsett Michael Furst  Michael Meynadasy
    Michael Swenson Michael Vaughn Michele Collins
    Michelle Kelly  Michelle Martin Michelle Whitmarsh
    Milton Pichardo Neil Beezer Newton Green
    Nora Peters Norman Erich Neumayer Oswaldo Salazar
    Paige Glickman Pamela Hirsch Pat Campbell
    Patrick Locke Patrick McGinnis Paul Burys
    Paul Ipolito Paula Siviy Penny Elliott
    Peter Fadden Prasanna Lakshmipathy Prem Kumar
    Ralf Meyert Ramaswamy Lakshminarayanan Ricardo Peliquito
    Richard VanderHorst Rick Kodweis Rob Conti
    Robert Feeney Jr Robert Gavin Robert Wilcox
    Rodney Wagner Roman Lesiv Sailesh Pandit
    Sandra Morales Santa Abraham  Sara Hayes
    Sarah Shoop Sarah Yerka Scott McCombs
    Scott Buckley Sean Trimby Sheila Mumpton
    Sonya Piotrowski Sree Growrishankar Staci Dayton
    Stacie Maston Stephanie Borg Stephanie Herrick
    Steven Repa Summer Kraatz Susan Berry
    Susan Evans Susan Kovach Tanner Cheek
    Teresa Froncek Terri Cvetan Thao Do
    Theresa Steward Thomas Butler Thomas Cary
    Thomas Kandris Thomas Mims Thomas Morgan
    Tiffany Olson Tim St. Martin Timothy Keller
    Todd Polk Tom Servoss Tracey Brewster
    Tracy Benjamin Travis Cody Travis Mackland
    Tyler Deskins Umphavanh Thatvihane Vanessa Flahn
    Waverly LeBard Weiping Zheng Wendy LeFebvre
    Will Maron William Edwards Winston Jimenez
    Yesenia Garcia-Key Zachary Sweet Zachary Zeller

    Members Celebrating Their 5 Year Anniversary This Year

    Alisa Brown Andrew Hughes Anna Bartels
    Athena Thomas-Visel Beth Dockstater Brian Isaac
    Bruce Lawton Chris Berson Daniel Kopcow
    David Strong Gregory Johnson Igor Spivak
    James Bunce Jeff Kelley Jennifer Gooding
    Jesse Diehl Jim OShea John Dietrick
    John Guarrera Johnas Kloiber Kenneth Freitas
    Kim Martin Kimberly Sterzin Kipp Wendland
    Linda Mosack Lisa DiMatteo Lisa Jackel
    Lori Gacioch Lynellen ODonnell Lynn Heatley
    Mark Bratcher Mark Leary Michael Felluca
    Michael Merulla Michael Ryan Michele Montfort
    Pamela Aiello Philip Stern Ralph Weber
    Ravi Kasarla Rebecca Luther  Richard Bergman
    Rick Triassi Scott Thomas MacLaughlin Robert Cavalier
    Sheva Faber Tara Josefiak Tina Strasenburgh
    Tom Pavone Tom Race  

    Members Celebrating Their 10 Year Anniversary This Year

    Brian Gregory Charles Spiteri Cheryl Sbrocco
    Christina Sanfilippo Christopher Wolfe Corrinne Reed
    Darius Kasinskas Debra Jacyszyn James Carroll
    Jay Sanders Jeffrey Carpenter Laurie Kapuscinski
    Linda Josephs Marina Goldberg Mark Pawloski
    Matthew Corridoni Megan Radtke Michael DeClerck
    Milton Cohen Ramona Dretto Susan Hyman
    Suzanne Ahrens Thomas Green Veronika Gudovich
    William French    

    Members Celebrating Their 15 Year Anniversary This Year

    Antonio Morales Barbara Stoner Christopher Sarver
    Holly Turner Linda Long Robert Haag
    Stacy Munechika William Kelly  

    Members Celebrating Their 20 Year Anniversary This Year

    Christian Lodico Steven Wilson

    Members Celebrating Their 25 Year Anniversary This Year

    Laurence Heininger Robin Smith


    Membership Benefit!

    PMI Rochester Chapter has partnered with ITMPI to offer our membership a new benefit!  A one-year ITMPI premium subscription, valued at $199!  ITMPI, which stands for IT Metrics & Productivity Institute, is the leader in online PDUs for PMP or higher certification holders.  ITMPI offers online PDU approved courseware allowing subscription holders to earn up to 500 PDUs per year!  PMI Rochester is giving a one-year subscription to any member that renews their chapter membership or any new chapter memberships.  This new membership benefit is effective this month, May 2017 and runs through May 2018.  The Chapter will send out an email each month to eligible members, which will include the coupon code they can use to start their one-year premium subscription.  Check out ITMPI’s website by clicking here!  If you have any questions about this benefit, please contact the VP of Membership, Robin Louvain, at


    Ithaca Branch News

    Join us for the Ithaca Branch Member Mixer

    After surviving the hectic holidays, you will need to relax a little. So come gather with us and enjoy an evening of socializing and refreshments with members of the Ithaca Branch. We will meet on Thursday, January 18th from 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm at the Watkins Glen Harbor Hotel (16 N Franklin St, Watkins Glen, NY 14891). Register HERE for this awesome events! Bring your the “Funniest Project Management” story!

    Are You Good at Tracking Budgets?

    Of course, you are – you’re a Project Manager! The Ithaca Branch needs a Director of Finance to help us track, manage and report on our budget. So please lend your talents. PDUs available! Contact Paula

    Help Us Plan the Next Ithaca Branch PDD

    The Ithaca Branch is looking for volunteers to serve on a PDD planning committee.  Bring your ideas and help us make this year’s PDD the best one ever. PDUs available! Contact Paula

    Needed – Volunteers to Help Plan an Ithaca Branch Workshop/Certification training

    The Ithaca Branch is looking for volunteers to help plan a workshop/certification training for 2018. PDUs available! Contact Paula