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Volunteer appreciation 2018

Gary Heerkens thanking Chris Wolfe for his service on the Professional Development Team

Michelle Venezia honoring Debbie Jacyszyn as Quarter 1 Volunteer 2018

Lori Gacioch honoring Zac Sweet as Volunteer of the Year 2017

On April 19th the PMI Rochester Board of Directors honored and recognized our hard-working volunteers! There is clearly a lot of hard work, dedication, and passion that our volunteers bring! Robin Louvain, VP of Membership along with Sonya Piotrowski, Director of Volunteers lead the way in organizing this event. Robin's team really pulled out all the stops by handing out goody bags (including a cool webcam cover for your laptop with the PMI Rochester logo on it) and certificates to all the attending volunteers and we even had a competitive round of PMI Jeopardy! I think we realized collectively how much of the PMBOK we forgot! The networking and food were fantastic! 

We want to recognize 2 important honors; Debbie Jacyszyn, VP of Finance was voted Volunteer of the 1st Quarter 2018 by our Board of Directors. Congratulations Debbie! Your dedication to our chapter and making sure that we are financially healthy is unmatched! It's not the most glamorous job but Debbie and her team do it with gusto! We appreciate you so much!

Our top honor, VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR 2017 was awarded to Zac Sweet! Zac currently holds 3 roles in the chapter; Chapter Photographer, Director of Documentation and Administration and Director of Technology. Zac is truly dedicated and hard working on behalf of our members. Zac continually attends chapter events and takes pictures for us, he attends the Board meetings and keeps us on track by meticulously documenting our meetings and actions and to top it off supports the chapter with technology and support. Most recently driving the implementation of Virtual Meetings and our POP3 server so our leadership can send and receive emails using our domain. Zac, we so appreciate your dedication to the chapter and your servant leadership style.

We thank all our volunteers for their contributions. Big or small we appreciate you all. We could not do what we do without everyone pitching in. The Board of Directors is so appreciative of all our teams! It amazes us every day in every way that you serve from the heart. It's been an amazing 2017-2018 season and there is no slow down in sight! Let's keep going!


News you can use

PMI Project Management Salary Survey

PMI has recently published its annual "Project Management Salary Survey". It's a great resource to understand where PM salaries are today globally. Read more about how more than two-thirds of survey participants (70%) report that their total compensation (including salary, bonus, and other forms of compensation) increased over the 12 months prior to completing the salary survey. About one-quarter (26%) reported increases of at least 5% over that time period. 

PMXPO Has Passed But...

Members should be aware that the PMXPO 2018 has passed but is still available on demand until June 22! This provides the opportunity for up to 6.5 free PDUs.


Key Changes are coming to Tests for 5 Certifications! PMI regularly makes changes to test content to align with PMBOK content; this is important information in your certification planning (for which you may be able to have our Grants and Awards Program reimburse you). See the details of these exam changes here.


Membership News


This member was hard at work to earn their certification and the only brave soul this month! Congratulations to the following member for continuously improving their skills and gaining new knowledge with PMI. 

   Ahlia Kitwana    








Celebrate New Members 

Our chapter continues to grow and Spring approaches! Let's welcome the following new members of PMI Rochester in March: 

Yogita Joshi Ahlia Kitwana Helen Sacco
William Woodhams Michael Yergeau, Sr. Joseph Panzarella
Brenda Smith Casandra Daggett Kathleen Strauss
Erin Davis Kevin White Nicholas DAmbrosio
Gene Jensen Charles Clarkson David Wipf
Mary Boysel Anthony Reisinger  


Get your Volunteerism on Now

New Volunteer positions are available! Check it out here!


Membership Benefit that pays off

PMI Rochester Chapter has partnered with ITMPI to offer our membership a new benefit! A one-year ITMPI premium subscription, valued at $199!  ITMPI, which stands for IT Metrics & Productivity Institute, is the leader in online PDUs for PMP or higher certification holders. ITMPI offers online PDU approved courseware allowing subscription holders to earn up to 500 PDUs per year! PMI Rochester is giving a one-year subscription to any member that renews their chapter membership or any new chapter memberships. This new membership benefit is effective this month, May 2018 and runs through May 2019.  The Chapter will send out an email each month to eligible members, which will include the coupon code they can use to start their one-year premium subscription. Check out ITMPI’s website by clicking here! If you have any questions about this benefit, please contact the VP of Membership, Robin Louvain, at


From Our Members

Project Managers love to make lists and especially love checking things off lists! A fellow PMI Rochester member would like to share a story about checklists and their importance in industry. Make sure to add reading this article to your list of things to do today.

Book Review by Manisha Mande

Blue Ocean Strategy by W Chan Kim & Renee Mauborgne

Companies rise and fall based on the strategic moves they make or don’t make.  Authors Kim & Mauborgne are of the opinion that too many companies let competition drive their strategies. The result is that it puts the competition, not the customer, at the core of the strategy.  These companies focus on competing against rivals for the share in existing markets. Competition gets fiercer and pressure on costs and profits increase. This intensifies as time goes on. Marketplace loses margin as competitor’s rush to sell cheaper products in order to maintain share. Products then become a commodity turning the ocean red (metaphorically) resulting in losses. Companies can choose to avoid this margin-eroding competitive intensity by choosing to put less energy into red oceans (existing markets), and instead pioneer blue oceans - markets largely untapped by competition.

Blue Ocean Strategy helps companies break away from the stranglehold of competition. At the core of this book is the notion of a shift from competition to creating a new market space thereby making the competition irrelevant. The aim of companies that break away from the competition is not to outperform competition but to offer a quantum leap in value that makes the competition irrelevant.  “Value-innovate and let the competition worry about you”. By focusing beyond existing market demands, companies can identify unmet needs (needs beyond lower price or incremental product improvements) and then innovate new solutions which create far more profitable uncontested markets - blue oceans.

Blue Ocean Strategy shows how a red ocean need not stay red. It shows how companies can avoid market- competing traps and achieve market-creating innovations that create wealth.  The list of successful companies who have developed uncontested market space includes names like Cirque du Soleil,, the US Wine industry (yellowtail), Microsoft (Surface 3), Apple (Apple Watch) and more.  Tune in to next month’s newsletter for an in-depth analysis of the book that has sold millions all over the world “Blue Oceans Strategy” by W. Chan Kim & Renee Mauborgne.

Have you read any good books lately related to project management, leadership, or business strategy? If so, submit a book review and earn PDUs in the "Giving Back" category.


Ithaca Branch News

Time to step it up!

We are asking for help to keep the Ithaca Branch going. After numerous “calls to action” we have had a total of TWO members offer to assist in the running of the Branch. This is great progress but we still need more volunteers! We are all busy with careers, family, and life. But, please don’t assume that someone else will step forward. If you have benefited from the Ithaca Branch - please step up and volunteer for a position. All positions come with PDUs (and other great benefits) and we will be here to help you along the way. Come join the Ithaca family now and give back. It's a rewarding experience! Contact Paula Wedemeyer for more information at