Just because it’s summer, doesn’t mean that PMI Rochester is quiet! We have plenty of activities to keep you ahead of the game. Read on about some news that can cool you down and take a look at what PMIEF has in store for PMI Rochester. See below. 

Global News

Have you heard about Digital Badges? It seems to be a question on many people's minds. You can find out more by going to the PMI.org web page. This is a rolling deployment. Badges will be rolled out to existing certification holders between 30 May – 23 June. You will be contacted through your email address on file with PMI. You can learn more by clicking here. See this.

PMI Rochester has gone Mobile and More...

Just recently we made some changes to our backend platform so that when you look at our site on your smartphone the format is optimized for mobile viewing. Unfortunately, it's not totally optimal because the website architecture needs updating. So please excuse our dust while we work on this update. We will be working diligently in the background on the architecture update so by the end of July or early August we will have a whole new look and feel! We will keep you posted about the progress. Thanks for your patience! If you have any questions about the update please feel free to reach out to us at communications@pmirochester.org. 

Chapter News

Get the Inside Scoop! Become a PMI Rochester Corporate Ambassador

The PMI Rochester Chapter's Corporate Ambassador program is designed to improve engagement with chapter members that belong to the same company. A PMI Rochester Corporate Ambassador is a chapter member that will act as a liaison and promoter of the PMI Rochester chapter to the chapter members in their respective organization. Ambassadors encourage their PMI colleagues to stay involved with the PMI Rochester chapter and participate in PMI Rochester events. In return, ambassadors receive advance notice of events and programs, receive special discounts, and provide their companies with a communication conduit to our chapter resources.

Volunteer time is less than 2 hours a month – so it’s an easy way to earn volunteer PDUs. Want to be in the know and help promote PMI Rochester? Represent your company as a Corporate Ambassador.

Please contact corporate@pmirochester.org

What is PMIEF

PMIEF provides no-cost project management learning and teaching resources to help bridge the talent gap and build 21st Century Skills among primary and secondary school students as well as the community at large. 


Do you have friends or family interested in project management? PMIEF has a great resource to read:


PMIEF Project Management Fiction Books for Kids

the Project Management Fiction Books for kids to an upcoming newsletter.  These books, written by an author who is certified as a PMP, are available digitally at no cost for kids and could be interesting summer reading material for families of chapter members.  They are age appropriate for youth ages 10-12, and each new book delves further into a PM concept.  (For example, in the Valentine’s Day book, Gary wanted to deal with “relationships” – so he tackled stakeholder management as his new concept.)


Our next scholarship deadline, which is for professional development scholarships, is September 1 (we just missed the one for July 1), so you can also plan to include those in a future newsletter if you’d like.

Membership News

New Membership Benefit!

PMI Rochester Chapter has partnered with ITMPI to offer our membership a new benefit!  A one-year ITMPI premium subscription, valued at $199!  ITMPI, which stands for IT Metrics & Productivity Institute, is the leader in online PDUs for PMP or higher certification holders.  ITMPI offers online PDU approved courseware allowing subscription holders to earn up to 500 PDUs per year!  PMI Rochester is giving a one-year subscription to any member that renews their chapter membership or any new chapter memberships.  This new membership benefit is effective this month, May 2017 and runs through May 2018.  The Chapter will send out an email each month to eligible members, which will include the coupon code they can use to start their one-year premium subscription.  Check out ITMPI’s website by clicking here!  If you have any questions about this benefit, please contact the VP of Membership, Denisia Carden, at membershipvp@pmirochester.org.

Welcome New Chapter Members in June

Henry F. Adams

Andrey Belyablya

Deborah  Cragg

Tyler Deskins

Susan A. Kovach

Markus M. Kunz

Ramaswamy Lakshminarayanan*

Roman Lesiv

Daniela Mancuso*

Eloy Meira

Ralf Meyert

Euan Morton

Deborah M. Patrie

Milton  Pichardo

Steven Repa

Brian Webster

Cynthia Willis

* Ithaca Branch Member

Congratulations to new Credential Holders!

Matthew Cole, PMP

Dennis Piotrowski, PMP

Joanne Macek, PMP

Allison Hendershot, PMP