Mother Nature is finally bestowing us with some sun. Festivals, gardens, music, and food trucks are all in order for our city!

We have a few great events for our chapter before the summer break. There is always opportunity to volunteer and webinars throughout the year to receive additional PDUs. Check out our live events on the calendar before summer break!

Are you interested in volunteering? Take a look at our volunteer page and contact Porchia Stewart, Director of Volunteers, at for details.


Chapter News:

Get the Inside Scoop! Become a PMI Rochester Corporate Ambassador

The PMI Rochester Chapter's Corporate Ambassador program is designed to improve engagement with chapter members that belong to the same company. A PMI Rochester Corporate Ambassador is a chapter member that will act as a liaison and promoter of the PMI Rochester chapter to the chapter members in their respective organization. Ambassadors encourage their PMI colleagues to stay involved with the PMI Rochester chapter and participate in PMI Rochester events. In return, ambassadors receive advance notice of events and programs, receive special discounts, and provide their companies with a communication conduit to our chapter resources.

Volunteer time is less than 2 hours a month – so it’s an easy way to earn volunteer PDUs. Want to be in the know and help promote PMI Rochester? Represent your company as a Corporate Ambassador.

Please contact


Membership News: 

Volunteer Awards Announced!

The first is Lori Gacioch, who was awarded the 2016 Volunteer of the Year!  Lori currently serves our Chapter as the VP of Marketing & Communications.  However, in 2016 she was our VP of Governance.  Lori is a tireless supporter of the Rochester PMI Chapter.  As VP of Governance, Lori embraced our Chapter's strategic objective of "Building the Sustainability of our Chapter." She drove the Chapter/Board to build a complete Operations Manual, documenting all processes for all functional areas in the Chapter. She also drove strong Transition Plans for each role. As a result, we have eliminated "single points of failure" to keep our Chapter running. Although Governance is typically thought of as a "back office" role, she also took on the Media Library and Technology for the Chapter and grown a volunteer team impacting many areas beyond just governance and administration. In addition to her VP role, she volunteered her graphic artist talents to develop the program and collateral for PDD.  Her commitment to the profession is remarkable and illustrated by her ongoing pursuit of knowledge.  She's always working extensively to promote project management, both in principle and practice. Her leadership among PMI is contagious, and Lori is always willing to lend a helping hand or facilitate a conversation. She is a natural leader. Whatever the situation she is knowledgeable, approachable, and always eager to help.  Congratulations, Lori on being awarded the 2016 Volunteer of the Year, this is an honor awarded to you by the membership who recognize and appreciate your many valuable contributions to the PMI Rochester Chapter!


The second volunteer is Jessica Wescott, who was recently awarded Volunteer of the Quarter for Q1 2017! Jessica serves the chapter working as our Director of Professional Development.  As our Director of Professional Development, Jessica is responsible for new member programs. In the past, she brought us our extremely successful Certified Scrum Master class. Most recently in Q1, she helped pull together our first chapter Director's Meeting. When a literal natural disaster struck with the major wind storm, Jessica immediately sprung into action to make sure our event could still move forward. She contacted our planned venue, and when she realized they had no power, she spent a full day calling other venues to find us a replacement. She then worked to coordinate logistics, food, etc. In the end, the meeting went off without a hitch and was a very productive day. Her efforts in getting us to the day are greatly appreciated! Congratulations, Jessica on being awarded Volunteer of the Quarter for the first quarter of 2017!  It is an honor that was well-deserved! Thank you for serving the PMI Rochester Chapter!

Thank you to you all of our volunteers because without you the PMI Rochester chapter would not be the vibrant and thriving Chapter that it is!

Photographs above by Zac Sweet


Welcome New Chapter Members:

In the Month of April

Fahrettin Bay   Travis Mackland
Susan Berry*   Keith Millspaw
Helen Blondin   Sandra Morales
John Blum   Sheila Mumpton
Allen Bulkley IV   Fred Peckham
Terri Cvetan   Chantelle Sacco
Gary Day   Amanda Schartau
Eric Farnung   Tom Servoss, Ph.D.
Karen Fellows   Jason Smith
Teresa Froncek   Andrew  Soroka
Madeline Galvin   Danielle Taurmina
Brian Gibson   Robert Thomas
Juddy Gomez-Gutierrez   Angela Jean Van Wyngaarden
James Hawkins, Jr.   Brian VanRensselaer
*Ithaca Branch Member