PMI Rochester 2017 Volunteer of the Year

Vote for 2017's Volunteer of the Year

Hello PMI Rochester!

It’s an exciting time as we have the opportunity to recognize and award one of our hard-working volunteers as the 2017 Volunteer of the Year!  As part of our membership, please take the time to learn about the contributions of these deserving candidates, and then cast your vote below.

Voting will be open until April 6th, and the recipient will be announced at PMI Rochester’s Volunteer Recognition Event on April 19th.  This is your chance to recognize the hard work that our Volunteers do to support our Chapter!

Check out our website for more information on events and opportunities.

Please contact Sonya Piotrowski, Director of Volunteers with any questions.


Pam Hirsh 

In 2017 Pam served in 3 roles. First as Director of Marketing under the MarComm team where she selflessly served as the right-hand person to the VP of Marketing and Communications helping tirelessly with Marketing strategies and ideas and served on the PDD team in the area of event coordination, executing on the most successful PDD the chapter has ever had! Secondly, she took the role of Director of Chapter Meetings in September to plan and execute on chapter meeting coordination, her true passion. Pam continually executed with excellence and whole heart. We so appreciate the work she did for our chapter! She brought her A game for every event and we appreciate her volunteerism and hard work to give our members a great experience.


Zac Sweet

Zac started out last year in the role of chapter photographer in early 2017. Zac wanted to get more involved and took on Director of Administration and Documentation in the Fall of 2017 to support the board. While still maintaining his 2 current roles he took on a 3 role of Director of Technology shortly after. Zac was instrumental in delivering on the chapter now offering Virtual Meetings to our members and implementing an email service giving us back a POP3 server which gave us the ability to send emails using our domain! Zac has been instrumental in supporting our board and volunteers in the area of administration, documentation, and technology. We are grateful to have him as a committed chapter volunteer!

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