Mentoring Program

Looking to grow your professional network?

The PMI Rochester Chapter Mentoring Program provides mentoring opportunities for members of the Rochester chapter of PMI. This program is directed towards providing you an opportunity for personalized networking by pairing you with a project management peer to facilitate knowledge sharing and mentoring relationships.  Share your valuable experience with a fellow project manager in the Greater Rochester area.

The Chapter Mentoring Program Team will facilitate team pairing after receiving applications from mentors and protégés. The mentoring relationship will be conducted between the mentor/protege pairs and their meeting frequency and schedule will be agreed upon at the beginning of the program.  The partners will then conduct their meetings, give one another feedback and rate the overall program. The time commitment will be up to the mentoring pair. 

To apply for this program all participants must be members of the PMI Rochester Chapter. Mentors must be PMP certified. Protégés may or may not be PMP's.


PMI Rochester Mentoring program participants who are certified PMPs may register time spent in mentoring activities for PDUs. Based on the organization of the PMI Rochester Mentoring Program, PDUs should be registered as described below.

Category C-"Self Directed Learning" - PMPs who are being coached by a mentor can earn up to 10 PDUs per cycle (one cycle = 3 years) in this Category.

Category E-"Volunteer Service" - PMPs who are serving as mentors can earn up to 15 PDUs per cycle (one cycle = 3 years) in this Category.

The activity is self-reported by the individual PMP, with one hour of mentoring activity equaling one PDU. Both the mentor and the protégé may submit Activities Reporting Forms in this Category, utilizing the "Self-Directed Learning Worksheet" at the end of the Activities Reporting Form, available from PMI and the PMI website:

Provide mentees with an opportunity to:

  • Learn from experienced Project Managers

  • Reflect on effects of personal attributes and behaviors

  • Define goals of growth and a path to achieve them

Mentee requirements:

  • Identify personal goals and submit a bio to assist in the pairing process

Provide mentors with an opportunity to:

  • Enhance leadership skills by sharing their knowledge and experiences with partners

  • Assist with problem solving

  • Act as an advisor

  • Be a good listener (for both personal and work issues)

Mentor required skills:

  • Background and experience in various levels of management

  • Minimum of five years’ experience as a Project Manager

  • PMP certification is current

Program participants’ responsibilities:

  • Commit to meet on a regular basis

  • Attend mid-cycle meetings as warranted

  • Participate in the mentoring program surveys


All interested participants should complete the application attached below, and email to

Mentor Program Application

Pairings will be made on a rolling basis depending on mentor and protégé availability.

Email any questions to