Grammy's (Originally Posted Feb 2019)

Did you watch the Grammy’s this week? Nearly 20 million people did. And what they saw was a commitment to recognizing women in the awards. Furthermore, the Recording Academy is trying to expand opportunities for female producers and engineers.

Per their press release (, According to a 2018 USC Annenberg Inclusion Initiative study, only 2 percent of music producers and 3 percent of engineers/mixers across popular music are women. The Academy’s Diversity and Inclusion task force is one of the first steps to remedy the situation, and also address inclusion based on race and the LGBTQ+ community.

As you can hear in this short news segment, the intent of Diversity and Inclusion programs like ours and the Academy’s is not to limit freedom of choice when selecting employees, award recipients, speakers at events, etc. Instead, the intent to raise awareness of those in the selection process that there are worthy candidates who might be ignored due to implicit bias.

Let us know how we’re doing with our program! We appreciate all of you who participated in our survey through which we gained some great information. Feel free to reach out to me anytime with ideas of things to post on our website, learning opportunities in our community, or stories you’d like to share about your own experiences with Diversity and Inclusion – at work, in PMI, or around the world.

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