PMI Rochester Chapter Election Policy

The PMI Rochester Chapter's governing body is comprised of a Board of Directors as established in the Chapter's Bylaws in Article V.  The sole responsibility for chapter management rests with these officers. Each elected officer Vice President serve a two-year term. The President-Elect will serve one year as President-Elect, then two years as President, and one year as Past President. The election process starts each year approximately two weeks prior to the Chapter’s Professional Development Day in May. Approximately half the Board is up for election at any given time.  The schedule is as follows:

Even numbered years:

  • Vice President Finance
  • Vice President Marketing & Communications
  • Vice President Governance


Odd numbered years:

  • President Elect
  • Vice President Ithaca Branch
  • Vice President Membership
  • Vice President Professional Development
  • Vice President Outreach


New Board Members will take office on the first day of September following their election and will have up to three months of overlap with the outgoing officer for transition into the role. Board members will be in place in time to approve the budget for the following fiscal year, which starts in January.

PMI's Guidelines for Electioneering

The PMI Rochester Chapter is a component of the Project Management Institute and subject to its policies and procedures to maintain our charter.  PMI's guidelines related to chapter officer election and selection process is contained in the Chapter Bylaws in Article VI and is as follows: "In accordance with PMI policies, practices, procedures, rules and directives, no funds or resources of PMI or the component may be used to support the election of any candidate or group of candidates for PMI, the component or a public office.  No other type of organized electioneering, communications, fundraising or other organized activity on behalf of a candidate shall be permitted.  The Component Nominating Committee, or other applicable body designated by the component, will be the sole distributor of all election materials for component elected positions."

Election Activities Rules Defined:

  1. Funding: No funds or resources of PMI or the chapter can be used to support the nomination or election of a candidate.  
  2. Communications:   All information regarding the candidates will be distributed exclusively by the Nomination Committee through established Chapter communications. Candidates may communicate one-on-one regarding their candidacy only if the communication focuses on their qualifications.  Mass communications are prohibited.
  3. Marketing materials: No candidate, PMI member, or third party may utilize any campaign materials such as posters, lapel pins, sponsorships or group activities designed to promote a candidate.
  4. Compliance with Election Activity Rules. The Nominating Committee will ensure that all nominees, as a condition of expressing their interest in being a nominee, will submit a signed copy of this Rule of the Board verifying that they have read, understand and agree to abide by these policies and rules. This includes the following statement:

As a condition of my potential nomination or candidacy, I agree that I will not initiate, encourage, accept or endorse conduct on behalf of my potential nomination or candidacy which is in violation of the policy relating to the election as adopted by the Board. To violate this policy may result in revocation of my nomination or candidacy for office.

Chapter Officer Selection Policy

Candidate eligibility requirements can be found in the Chapter's Bylaws Article V, and are further documented as part of the below Chapter's Officer Selection Policy as outlined below.  

A candidate must:

  1. be a PMI and PMI Rochester chapter member in good standing
  2. be willing and able to commit to a two-year term
  3. have been actively involved in the chapter within the last year.

Each candidate should also possess and be evaluated by the Nominations Committee against the following set of expected characteristics:

  1. An appreciation of the value of the profession served by PMI: The candidate has a good understanding of the profession served by PMI, along with the vision and mission of the Chapter.
  2. The candidate can help formulate a future vision for an organization and can help to describe a strategy to achieve it, has the ability to identify and understand strategic risks and offer strategic guidance for resolving them, and has the capacity to provide a strategic perspective while leading a volunteer team to execute the operational details.
  3. The willingness and ability to serve others: The candidate possesses passion and energy to understand and respond to the needs of others in an open, honest, humble, and altruistic manner, has actively participated in achieving constructive outcomes for others without regard to personal benefit, and has a strong interest in working on the advancement of PMI, its stakeholders, and the profession.

Each candidate shall complete a “Nomination Form”, sign and submit the candidate agreement and submit a resume for review by the Nominations Committee.

Election and Officer Selection Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Interested in being a chapter officer?  You probably have some questions such as:

What kind of commitment will this involve? Chapter officers are expected to be actively involved and visibly present at a variety of chapter events as they relate to their duties.  Generally speaking, an elected officer can expect to spend up to 15-30 hours a month on their duties.  It varies with the role. As a Vice President, you will have one or more teams that report to you and there will be additional meetings to manage teams and projects.   In addition, elected officers must attend monthly Board meetings (approximately 3 hours), the annual strategic planning events (1 or 2 days), an annual Director meeting (half day), and monthly Chapter dinner meetings.

What are the benefits of serving as a chapter officer? As a chapter officer, you will have an opportunity to develop your own management, leadership and project management skills.  The Chapter will provide leadership development opportunities for its officers, which may include attending regional conference events and PMI Global Leadership Institute Meetings (LIM).   Being an officer provides you with great networking opportunities, and of course PDUs.  Board members receive free admittance to Chapter dinner meetings and the annual Professional Development Day, offering the ability to earn at least 16 PDU hours in the Talent Triangle. As an officer, you may also be able to earn up to 25 PDU’s per renewal cycle in the Giving Back category.

Where can I find more information about specific role descriptions? The officer roles and responsibilities descriptions are available here.

When do newly elected officers take up their role?  What training will I get for the role? Elections are held every year in June/July and newly elected officers take their positions effective September 1st. The outgoing officer is responsible for training as part of a three-month transition process.

I'm interested in being considered for an elected officer role, what's the next step? First of all, take the time to read through the position's roles and responsibilities. Contact the current officer and learn more from them.  


If you are ready to take the next step, then please contact the Chapter President at for more details.