PMI Rochester Chapter Documents

Volunteer of the Year form

Volunteer of the Year voting form. PDF fillable form.

ROC The Project

Key Deliverables & Judging Process

List of project deliverables, due dates and process for judging.

ROC The Project Kick-Off Presentation 1/26/18.

Presentation material delivered at the ROC The Project Kick-Off 1/26/18

ROC The Project FAQs.

FAQs as of 2/5/18.

ROC The Project Problem Statement.

ROC The Project Problem Statement - 2/5/18.

Updated Rubric 3_10_18

Updated Rubric as of 3/10/18

PMI PDD 2015

PMI PDD 2015 Thursday May 14


Map of St. John Fisher College

EGLACP-Annual Conference 2017 registration form

Registration form connected to calendar event on Sept 13, 2017

2017 PDD One Pager

A one page document that describes what the PDD is, what the benefits are and the speakers.

2018 Grant Application

Application to apply for PMI Rochester Grants.

2017 PDD Program-web

2017 PDD program with no PDU codes in the schedule.

Grants Guidelines Policy

Policy on PMI Rochester Grants. Authored by Manisha Mande and Lena-Marie Inserra


Brian Vanderjack's Coaching session

Emotional Intelligence

Brian Vanderjack's session on Emotional Intelligence

Leadership and Management Fundamentals

Brian Vanderjack's session on Leadership and Management Fundamentals

Spencer Horn

Own it! Personal Responsibility.

Project Uncertainty-Stacy Munechika

PDD 2017 breakout session

ROC THE Project Breakfast 12/08/17

meeting notes and summary

PMI ROC Operations Manual rev 1.0

Updated manual as of 12/28/17.

ROC The Project-Executive Panel Brochure 2

version 2 with better pics of Bruce and Drew.

Tips on sitting for a Headshot

Marty Nott, photographer. Onsite photographer for June 12, 2018 Annual Business meeting. Tips on sitting for a headshot.

2018 PDD-Janet Burns

speaker content

PMI Rochester Diversity and Inclusion Policy Oct 2018

PMI Rochester's first Diversity and Inclusion Policy statement.

Member Benefits Brochure 2018

Updated in August 2018 by Robin Louvain, Lori Gacioch, Zac Sweet.

Corporate Sponsorship Brochure 2019-Final

Updated Sponsorship Brochure that includes Corporate sponsorship levels, PDD sponsorship levels, Monthly chapter meetings and ROC The Project sponsorship.



Map of St. John Fisher


Directions to the October 2016 Chapter Meeting

PDD 2014


Fall 2017 Newsletter

Hard News from the ROC Newsletter Fall 2017


2014 Incoming Board Members

Chapter Meeting Slides

Steve Wilson-Agile and Gorilla Glue

Keynote session at 2017 PDD

2017 Annual Business Meeting Review

Slide deck presented at Aug 9, 2017 chapter meeting.

PDD 2015

press releases

Organization Chart

Rochester Chapter Media Library

Rochester Chapter Media Library Listing

Listing of Assets in the Rochester Chapter Media Library


PMIEF Awards and Scholarships

Listing from Manisha

Agile CoP Downloads

Agile CoP Presentation

Presentation from the Agile CoP on 2-27-18

PDD 2018

PDD 2018 Agenda

2018 PDD agenda

PDD 2018-Kim Browning

speaker content

PDD 2018-DavePoChedley

speaker content

PDD 2018-JDePiante

speaker content

PDD 2018-NealWhitten

speaker content

PDD 2018-Ernest Hicks

speaker content

2019 Awards

Mentoring Program


PDD 2019